For Me

On 9 September 2015(12:05), Joan has made her first entry on wordpress.

I did some packing a few weeks back and found some of my old diaries. I’ve never had the habit to write a diary so most of it just stopped mid way and i forgot about it. After reading through them i decided that it was a good idea to write another daily diary and i did, but it didn’t last long also. I ended up not writing in it for several days… Guilty much?

It is really nice to be able to read back on what you wrote long ago, your feelings, experiences, thoughts and things that you might not even remember happened. So, instead of keeping the unrealistic and unfullfillable ‘promise’ to write a daily dairy, i shall do a weekly blog instead. It’s pretty darn close to writing a daily dairy, but i don’t think i’ll stop writing in the dairy, maybe just lesser.

So there goes my first blog post. In here i will be writing about all sort of things, daily life mostly but there might also be other interesting stuff. Who knows.


I have exams tomorrow so i should probably go sleep already. Good night.



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