JOTAKU: Jigoku Shoujo

Jigoku Shoujo was probably one of the first few anime that got me hooked and wanting more of whatever I was watching. I probably watched it when I was 8 or 9 years old when it was airing at night on my local channel. I remembering staying up to 11pm just to watch this ‘cartoon’ that had some cool ass animation and story. Internet was not all that popular back then so that was my only exposure to Anime.

So, after years and internet is popular, I learned more about anime and looked up Jigoku Shoujo. With a slightly mature mentality, I watched it again and fell in love. (How can i not right?)

What I want to rave about this time is the opening songs for Jigoku Shoujo. Damn, there’s only a handful of anime where i actually really love all the opening and Jigoku Shoujo is definitely on top of it all. It has 3 openings, each for a season. All the songs had such a bitter sweet melody to it.

Opening 1: Sakasama no chou

Opening 2: Nightmare

Opening 3: Tsukihana

That is all for now, what do you think about the openings? I could just put them on repeat all day and still not get sick of it.

Yes, I’ve actually tried going to the website. ( +w+)/ Who did I type in?

Justin Bieber. No hate tho. 

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