3-Day Quote Challenge

Day 3: PortGas D. Ace (One Piece)

“Start living before you start dying.”

Maybe I am bias, just maybe but there is still no denying that the quote is still deep as f*ck. (Yeah, I’m bias.) To those who have watched One Piece and have already gotten to the *part* let us share a moment of silence. Oda loves messing with our kokoro(heart).

The quote may not be relevant to you but hey, Ace is basically just telling you to get a life and we fellow One Piece fans, knows this quote too well.



This marks the end of my 3-Day quote challenge, once again thank you ScriptAnime for tagging me and now it’s my turn to tag. Here are the following blogs that I want to tag.

  1. Cho Kawaii World
  2. GreatAnime4u
  3. Asuna’s Gaming Addiction

Have fun. ^^

Isn’t he just so hot? (Pun intended.)

11 thoughts on “3-Day Quote Challenge

      1. I don’t think the movie will be in Singapore anytime soon too. ~T_T~ all we can do Is wait. I’m sure nami went through puberty all over again for that movie. Hahahah.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Yeah, it is a Japanese production so the whole world would have to wait it out. ~T_T~ zoro would have to be my fav in the crew but robin is my fav female crew member. There’s just so many loveable characters in one piece it’s impossible to name then all.

        Liked by 1 person

      3. I don’t want to wait XD. Zoro is awesome. I like him and Sanji. Robin is my favorite and I like Nami too. She is cute but I think Robin is more beautiful. This is what I like about One Piece. There are so many odd characters but they are all awesome.


  1. Yes the monster trio is awesome. I agree on Robin being more beautiful as well. Heheh. One piece probably has too many characters tho. XD My heart can’t contain them all.


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