JOTAKU: Put your finger here.

Golden Touch

She is so PRETTY! *v*

Is this not one of the coolest music video ever? Props to the director!

Omega Good Job

I’ve never been a big fan of Japanese PV/MV, the whole video just seem really awkward. This video though, it’s on a whole new level. Great visuals, colours, filming and of course the creativity. Totally in love with it. 100/100

The song is really catchy too although i haven’t seen the translation of this song… It could be about sex for all i know. *Cough*Golden touch*Cough*

Light me up
Love me down
Make me shine
Ain’t nobody else can love me like that
Love me like that
Wind me up
Watch me glow
Do me right
Ain’t nobody else can touch me like that
Touch me like that

You got the golden touch
You got the golden touch

Yup, all that can definitely make a sex song alright. I should really go check out the lyrics.

And if you want to know the lyrics as well, Check it out here!

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