JOTAKU: Tokyo Teddy Bear

Tokyo Teddy bear talks about Rin struggling with her own identity, having to change herself constantly to fit in the society and now she wants her old self back. There’s more to it and lots of other interpretation for this song but this is just my take on it.

The start of the song didn’t appeal to me, the lyrics and melody is kind of weird but once i got pass that 17 second mark shit went down. The electric guitar and drums comes flooding in. Rock is definitely a genre Japanese people nailed and Tokyo Teddy Bear is a prove of it.

I’ve always had a thing for depressing rock songs, maybe because it’s almost like singing out your frustration. I don’t know. I am the only one? I’m sure someone can relate to that or maybe I’m just weird.

Great song and lyrics that got me pretty much addicted. Rape that replay button please.

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