JOTAKU: Yuki Yuki Yuki therapy

Let’s just say that this is probably and most likely very unhealthy for me to have on repeat. Basically, if you’ve seen Mirai Nikki, you probably know 99% of  what Yuno is saying but if you’re new to this I suggest you to hop on the train of mind fuvk. Seriously this anime is awesome.

I probably should not be wasting my life on this but I am, I even put the 10 hour one on loop. I may or may not end up like Yuno at the end of this ‘Yuki therapy’, I’m not insane… What chu talking bout? Pffft. Shut up and loop it or I’ll kill you.

Yuki, aishite. ❤

If you do want to join me on my lovely Yuki therapy, here’s the 10 hour version. Have fun.

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