I will finally be on my school holiday soon~ YAS! Got my last day of school tomorrow and after that I am a free bird! For 2 weeks that is… Then my internship starts which I am super excited about.

Since i don’t have any reader, I don’t have to apologize for the mini Hiatus. Joan does what she wants. I was pretty busy with projects and exams and *cough* gaming *cough*.

The artistic side of me awoken again last week and my craving for painting got real. So I dug out my last tiny piece of (damaged) water colour paper and painted.C360_2015-12-05-18-02-01-438

That did not satisfy my craving, instead I wanted to paint more! So i ended up buying a stack of water colour paper.

I will be making cards for Christmas for my bunch of friends soon and probably gonna video it too. So more should be coming up. 😀

Sadly, my phone died right when i started painting in the silhouette of the boat and girl… Next time, next time my phone will be fully prepared to video the whole thing. TT^TT

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