RL: Internship


Internship started not long after Christmas and I am now on my 6th week of internship in travel retail. Internship has been eating up 80 -90% of my time and energy and thus the the no update spree. However, in another 5 weeks I will be officially done with Internship and I foresee myself updating IMOJOAN a lot more often!

So previously I kinda said that I would be uploading more of the watercolor speed painting that i did. Truth it, I only managed to complete 3 paintings that i was satisfied with. Did another few more which I tried to film but it wasn’t up to my standard so I scrapped it.

I didn’t have enough time to paint more for my friends but these were given to 2 of my closer girl friends i have in School.


That aside, I have quite an amount of content ideas that I have which will probably be up when my Internship is over. I’ve tried to do a vlog with my friend the other day when i *cough* skipped work *cough* and went to Universal Studios Singapore. So that will probably be up a little later because I’ll need to do some editing and I think the vlog was pretty badly filmed. It’s my first time anyways so I’m not expecting much.

Next, I’ll be updating on the list of Anime that I want to watch this year, both new animes and older ones that I’ve always wanted to but never did. So that should be fun.

And of course there will be JOTAKU and IMOs coming up too.

Lastly, I’m thinking of doing a haul also since Chinese New Year is so near and i did do some shopping. Online shopping… Ain’t got no time to go out to shop. TT^TT So that’s something new and hopefully it’ll work out.


And now, I’ll need to go get ready for work. I’m out~

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