JOTAKU: If Rize was real.

I gave up on watching Tokyo Ghoul after the first episode of Season 2 because it was  kinda different from the manga. Anyone feel me? I can’t be the only one here. I was just a little disappointed, that’s all.


For all of you hard core Tokyo Ghoul fans, most of you may have heard and maybe checked out the video of Tokyo Ghoul ending Song but, there are people on this planet like me who do not see through the ending song of an anime and just go right to the next episode button. Hands up if you’re guilty.

Anyways, I chanced upon “Seasons die one after another” 「季節は次々死んでいく」by amazarashi when I was on a spree on Youtube and this song my friend, got my raping the replay button. I replayed it not just for the song but also for the video. This video got my inner Ghoul demons stirring.

I always appreciate a well made PV/MV, and this PV right here is far beyond “Well Made”. In this video, we have our beloved Rize binging on meat that is shaped as lyrics. She starts out eating very tastefully and it gradually evolve to… something more… ghoul-ish.

The whole set up for this video is just plain genius. The full white background contrast with the red meat and blood. There were also emphasis on keywords that Rize was eating and that really brought out a lot more depth to this whole video, or at least I feel so.

Here’s a list of some of the words that I managed to catch that has appeared/emphasized once or multiple times in the video.

“命” —– life                      (1:31) (3:05) (4:34)

“日々” — Days                    (1:43)

“—– Dream                   (1:46)

“後世” — After ages           (1:55)

“君” —- You                      (1:57) (2:47)

“生急” — Live recklessly   (2:36)

“絶” —- Absolute              (2:26)


I love how the lyrics were “Even if your insecure self hates you” and the video showing the word “君” getting cut up and eaten.

All in all, Great video awesome song and amazing lyrics. There’s nothing to dislike about it. The 2,148 people on Youtube clearly have issues.

I might be running out of stuff to get obsessed over. If anyone happen to be reading this, Please, expose me your secrets and maybe there will be a JOTAKU about it in the future.


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