Let them tears flow

Alright, I always love to let myself have a good crying session to some great content. Be it songs, movies, animes etc if they touch me in the no no zone then I am sure to shed a tear or more. If you do enjoy having these eye liquid dropping sessions then hop on this feel train with me as I take you along with the Vocaloid songs that made me a baby over again.

Servant of Evil

Servant of Evil is part of the Story of Evil, its a whole series of heard wrenching songs so if you want to you can also check them out. However, this had my eyes water non stop thus here it is for you to share the same experience.

Regret Message

Following Servant of Evil they continue the story with Regret Message. Boy did I bawl for this one as well. Regret message is all about Rin thinking about Len after his sacrifice. These tears, they won’t stop. TT^TT You may continue your tears from the last song.


I did feature this song in one of my JOTAKU, however the amount of tears that I’ve shed for this song is ridiculous thus once again I will feature it. Plus no one really reads my blog anyways, so I can do whatever i want.

Feathers across the seasons

Another song where I’m like “I cri every tyme TT^TT”. I dont just tear for this one. I go all out Niagara falls from my eye. Be right back I need to go to my corner and rethink about life. This is too depressing.

Honorable Mentions

Here a just a few more depression inflicting songs that you might enjoy. Personally I enjoy listening to sad and depressing songs. Not sure why but maybe i enjoy feeling sad once in a while. O_O

  1. Wide Knowledge of Late, Madeness
  2. Dark Wood Circus
  3. Sissoroid
  4. Hirari, Hirari


That’s all and i hope you enjoyed the songs and maybe shed a tear or two. Do recommend me other sad a depressing songs that I may cry over. That is all for now bai bai. 😀

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