Top Husbando list

We all have our own Waifu that we love and I’ve always wondered if there was a term that is actually used to refer to our male-love-of-our-life. Husbandsu? Husbandu? Turns out there is actually a term for them! Its husbando. Most of the otakus out there give so much credits and glory to their waifu and we hardly even heard of the husbando. Heck i didn’t even know that there was a term for them until recently. So today, I will give all my husbando the glory and love they deserve.

Please note that the list is in no particular order. (I do not want my husbandos to fight for the first place.)

Aomine Daiki ( Kuroko no Basuke)

Yes, I know, all of the Generation of Miracle is an artwork from God. How can one be so gorgeous while they are all marinated in their own sweat? I don’t get it, when I sweat I look like a marinated potato, not a very nice sight.

I don’t feel the need to justify why Aomine is on this list but then again that would defeat the purpose of me actually being here. Some glory to the one and only Aomine please. I am so attracted to his attitude. Ya , you can say that he has some issues but I like it. Him being all like “Only I can defeat me” is just orgasm worthy. Out of everyone in the Generation of Miracle it is arguable that he has the most passion for basketball and I happen to like guys with passions. :3

Noiz (Dramatical Murder)

For those who do not know about Noiz, he is from a 18+ visual novel called Dramatical Murder. It’s not just any normal 18+, it’s yaoi. So if you are not into butt sex, you can skip out on this one. There is an anime adaptation of it which is not 18+ but I wouldn’t commander it since it’s a pile of bull shit. ._.  You can however, just go google on his pictures and have an eyegasm session.

Noiz has tons of piercing on his body. Almost everywhere possible. Yes even his dick. :3 He is unable to feel any sensation on his body other than his tongue thus explaining why he just have piercing everywhere. His inability to feel any sensation gave him a hard time as a kid so you could say that he didn’t have much fun growing up. His personality is a little over the edge but that’s exactly why I love him. Unless you’re on bae level with him, he would probably treat you like air. On the other hand, shit goes down fast after you break though his wall. By shit I would mean sex…

Koujaku (Dramatical Murder)

Koujaku is also from Dramatical Murder, surprise surprise. ._.  Noiz and Koujaku don’t exactly get along with each other, having childish fights every time. Although it is not visible in the picture above, Koujaku has some beautiful tattoo up his back, arm and right side of his face which is usually covered by his hair.

Koujaku is a natural flirt and girl throw themselves at him. I mean i would too but he is not real TT^TT. He may be quite a player but he settles down quickly when he finds someone he loves.

Sebastian Michaelis (Kuroshitsuji)

Oh Sebby, do I really have to explain why?

As obvious as it is. Sebby is dark and mysterious. He treats Ceil with so much care and he is so good at what he does. Just imagine how he would treat his future kids. Perfect Husbando material. He is a beautiful being ,heck even more beautiful than me. I am jealous.

It should be illegal for demons to look beautiful.

Kuroo Tetsurou (Haikyuu)

Yes, yes. We all know that Kageyama is the shit in this anime and I do not object to that. I however, is just strangely very attracted to Kuroo for some reason. I thought Kageyama was my bae but when I saw Kuroo. Gurl I tell you, I knew it was true love. ♥

There’s just something about him that I just can’t point out. I melt for him and that’s all you need to know.


That kinda sum it up for my list of husbando. I do have more that is not in the list but it’ll probably be never ending if i tried to list them all.

I do have a fetish for deep, husky voice and I think it’s pretty obvious judging from the list. I get all bubbly and warm when I plug in my earpiece and have them talking. #orgasmworthy


I get why most people don’t have a husbando. It is really hot to ship your yaoi couples. As much as i like to ship them as well, I still do enjoy having them all to myself. I could totally imagine my husbandos banging each other tho. Yaoi FTW!


Alright, that is all for this list and I hope you enjoyed finding out about my fetishes and husbando. Share some love of your husbando to me and who knows, maybe we have some husbandos we have in common.



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