Anime Virginity

Anime has been a part of my life ever since I could even remember. Of course I did not seek out to watch anime consciously everyday when I was a kid, I was a normal human child that watched the cartoons and hi-5 that would show at 5pm everyday on the local kid’s channel. My Mom is a huge fan Crayon shin-chan and although some would argue that it’s not child friendly, I was exposed to it at a very young age.

 Crayon shin-chan is pretty much full of nonsense. I till this age still do enjoy watching it. At that point of my life, I didn’t know the existence of anime and thought that Doremon and Crayon Shin-chan are just mere cartoons.

So I pretty much grew up watching anime without knowing it is anime.Random animes like Hamtaro, Pretty cure, Yu-gi-o and other animes would be my favorite ‘cartoon’ to watch on the kid’s channel.


I remember thinking that Yugi’s transformed self is hot af.

I probably stayed oblivion about the world of anime for the longest time.Not until when I was probably around 8/9 years old when I discovered that my local kids channel shows these cool ass Japanese cartoon between 11-12am. I’m sure they showed various animes during that time but I could only remember them showing this anime about this creepy girl in kimono helping to avenge others in some cool ass ways, and another one where there’s this guy with a cool ass scar on his face and he goes around with his demonic right hand and kill demons. Well, don’t they sound oddly familiar?


That was probably the first time in my life when I consciously decide that I need more of this anime thing in my life. The internet was not a very big thing back then and my desktop is probably only there for me to play pin ball, mine sweeper and re-watch some of my Crayon Shin-chan dvds. #lifewithoutinternet

My only source of anime outlet was on the kid’s channel every night just for Jigoku Shoujo. So you could say that Jigoku Shoujo popped my cherries for anime and dropped me into this dark hell hole.

But then again, my Mom is probably the culprit for exposing her child to watching a 5 year old Japanese kid dance butt naked. Thanks Mom. I will never forget how Shin-chan’s deek look like.



There’s my Anime Virginity, it was not painful, somehow delightful.

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