So here’s a little update about myself. I’ve got my hair bleached blonde a few days ago and OH MY GOD. I feel as if I walked right out from an anime. I feel magical.

Asians like me have black hair and it’s not like I hate it, it’s just that 19 years of black hair can be pretty boring. I NEED SOME EXCITEMENT IN MY LIFE. Sure I did dye my hair a few times in the past but it was nothing drastic. Just browns and maybe red.


It’s been 3 days I believe and I think I’m slowly getting used to it. It’s still kinda fun looking into the mirror in the morning and be like who dafaq is this then go on admiring my hair for the next 20 minutes or so.

I’m already rambling, so imma cut that out and just go straight to what this post is.


Anime girls are always known for their big (boobs) eyes and that oh-so-luscious hair. So today I want to honor all those blondies out there that have their hair so fabulous that you wonder what shampoo they use. Like seriously, my hair feels like grass, it does not move like how it does for them. I am salty.


The list is in no particular order.

Asuna – Sword Art Online

Just look at that hair flowing without her doing anything. LOOK AT IT. If only real hair sparkle like that too. Those glitter particle/special effect. Can someone come over here and sprinkle some glitter as I do a hair flip?

Her hair looks so soft and fluffy. I want to pat it. Screw that I want her hair. Asuna, ever considered hair donation? You’ll make everyone in the world so much more happier. There are people out there that need those hair more than you.

Bishamon – Noragami

We talk about boob physics in anime and all but can we take a second and talk about the hair physics too? It is almost impossible to have your hair back nicely in place when you’re running about your day let alone in a fight. They do not flip so beautifully like your Bisha… Our hair would probably be sticking to our face and when we look up, we will probably be having a whole new hair style. That is if you can still call it a hair style.

Having your hair that long would probably mean that it’s impossible for you to do anything at all. Oh the magic of anime hair physics. I wish they were real. I don’t mind having their boob physic real too.

Amane Misa – Death Note

Dumb blondes does not apply to anime logic, cause this blondie here is pretty smart. (Not really) She is all cute and good things but don’t let her catch you around Light tho, she’ll kill you. This bitch crazy.

What happens when you’re an idol? You get an amazing crew to do your hair and make up. How great is that. They make sure that you’ll be looking 10/10 all the time.

Victorique – Gosick

I’m usually not a fan lolli but girl, her hair on point and you can’t deny that. For a girl that lives in the library she sure know how to take care of her hair.

I need to know what salon she goes to cause her bangs be straighter than I am. Its perfect. I wonder if she gets neck ache tho, that’s a lot of hair, bet it’s like half of her weight. It looks so heavy, even i feel tired just from looking.

Kaori – Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso

Kaori probably has the most ‘realistic’ hair style out of everyone on this list here.  I would totally rock her hair style any day and now that i have a fringe, I can actually do it. Fringes are so annoying to maintain, you’ve got to get it trimmed every now and then so it doesn’t poke you in the eye.

Although Kaori got her fringe to her eyes already, it doesn’t seem to bother her at all. No hair poking in the eye action going on here. Nope. Teach me your secrets sensei. I need to know it. My eyes has suffered enough.


That sums it all up for the 5 blondies that have amazing hair that I wish exist in reality. Girls who fight in anime always seems to have their hair down and somehow it does not bother them a single bit. That is probably because their hair will be flowing all beautifully behind them and not get in their way but don’t we wish that that’s reality? I know I do.

That is all for this post, what anime blondies did I missed out on and should totally give them some style points for their hair? There are other anime hairstyle where I wished I had too but these are just the blondes one cause right now, home girl is blonde!

Maybe I’ll have another post in the future with all those fabulous hair included but for now, blondies is all you’re gonna get.




9 thoughts on “ANIME BLONDIES!

    1. Awww thank you. 。^‿^。 i agree, asuna’s hair indeed is gracefully long. But if that actually translate to real life hair you wouldn’t say it a graceful anymore. Hahaah. I don’t think I would like Misa as much if she wasn’t as crazy. Maybe it’s just me but I like crazy characters. Lol

      Liked by 1 person

      1. You’re welcome. Personally, I think you look great with blonde or black hair but if you prefer blonde, I think it fits you just right :). Yeah, I think the anime makes Asuna look pretty. Real life would indeed be different. I have to admit, Misa does have strong devotion to Light. She is loyal.


      2. I like both blonde or black hair on me, the blonde is really just for fun cause why not right. Haha. True, she is very loyal, I don’t think normal girls would put up with the whole kidnapping situation and shut up about their boyfriend being a murderer. 😂

        Liked by 1 person

      3. Yeah, you should wear whatever you feel comfortable with. If you want to have blonde hair, go for it lol! Misa is different than most girls. She puts up a lot of what has happened to her with Light and L. Still, she is a strong girl and I admire her for that :). Hahaha.


      4. Haha. Yeah preach it! Misa might not have the brains but she’s got the guts and I applaud her for that. 👏👏 I’d tap out the second they deny my from food. Ill tell you anything just give me my food.

        Liked by 1 person

      5. Haha thanks. I think blonde hair is cool. In anime, it reminds me of Super Saiyan hair from Dragon Ball Z and Roxas from Kingdom Hearts. Your hair makes both cool and pretty; a win-win! If I had a girlfriend like Misa, I would care for her. I wouldn’t want be like Light. I love food. Food never hurts people XD.


      6. Lol super saiyan. 😂 mosa would probably have killed kira if he was being an ass to her. Hahaha. He just pretended to care but he never really did. At least misa is dumb enough to buy it. If you had a girlfriend like misa, you can only care for her because if you don’t you’re probably dead. 😂 yes food is love. Food is life

        Liked by 1 person

      7. Yeah. When I was little, I wanted to spike hair because of it. If Misa was my girlfriend, she would kill me. She would be in charge of the relationship XD. If she was smart in the anime and acted independent, she wouldn’t let Light push her around. I always thought that Light and Misa was like Joker Harley Quinn in a relationship. Food is definitely life and love. You need it to survive. It’s not good to have an empty stomach. 😛


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