Should you watch Aoharu x Kikanjuu?

Genre: Action, Drama, Gender bend, Comedy

Tachibana Hotaru is a High School girl who is often mistaken as a boy due to her appearance and dressing. With a strong sense of justice, Hotaru seeks to punish evil doers. The story follows Hotaru on her journey in a survival game team called Toy gun gun where no female members are allowed.

IMO: This anime has beautiful art style, pretty interesting story line and all the good shenanigans you want in an anime. My one and only complain which made me quit watching this at episode 10 is how annoying the main character can be. Maybe it’s just me but so far, I have yet to find someone that had the same problem with this anime. The reviews I’ve seen so far about this anime has been pretty good.

– Warning, heavy complaining ahead.-
I have a shit ton of things to complain about Hotaru, but I’ll just point out some major ones just so I don’t bore everyone out.

So as mentioned in the short summary I wrote about this anime, Hotaru is a girl with a strong sense of justice. And when I say strong, I mean “she-will-bash-your-head-open” strong. If she sense that someone is being bullied or taken advantage of, she will rush to the ‘evil-doer’ and confront them, no matter who they are. Hotaru does what she wants.

Hotaru found out almost immediately what Toy gun gun does not accept female members and note that she was very unwilling to be part of the team but she does not say anything about her being a female and kept forgetting to tell the team leader which happen to stay right next door. Like hello? You do not simply just forget that you’re female and just go and knock on that door and be like I’m a girl. As simple as that but nooooo. Home girl has to be like “Oh, no. I completely forgot to tell them I have tits after hanging out with them for the whole f*cking day.” It is only until later that she had a reason to actually hide her gender but before that, she had every reason to tell the team about it especially since she is not willing to be part of it.

Last point I want to mention is about this thing going on down there.

Yeah, on the left you see the kawaii, innocent Hotaru and on the right… Is the side of her where she go all bonkers in the game with what they call blood lust. Yes, everyone can have their ‘dark side’ but this is ridiculous. She goes from A to B in seconds and it’s like she don’t even realize it. Unless she is bipolar or something that shit up there is just ridiculous.

So all those has been a major turn off for me and yes, every anime has one or two of those annoying side characters but man, when it’s the main character and you have to deal with that shit every single minute of the anime, it gets pretty annoying.

Time for some saving grace about this anime. Yes, I know I’ve been shitting all over Hotaru but there are some good points about this anime as well. Just maybe not about Hotaru.

The comedy in this anime is pretty decent and not gonna lie I did enjoy that part of it. I don’t think anyone would reject something that would be inducing laughter. Another thing I won’t be rejecting will be hot boys. Since I did not complete this anime, I do not know if it ended with some romance but I’m pretty sure it did in some way or another. When there are hot guys and a girl as the main character you bet there will be some romance involved.

I guess another plus point would be the hot boys in the anime. Please shower me with them fan service scenes. Thank you.

So, should you watch Aoharu x Kikanjuu?

:If you like being annoyed sure go ahead. I know I wouldn’t recommend this anime to anyone simply because there are much more anime out there which are more enjoyable. You can still however go and watch it and see if you agree with my points or if I’m just being a whiny brat. Now, go forth and stop being annoying.

Aoharu x Kikanjuu Episode 1

Whew, that is probably one of my longest should you watch post. Finally got that out of the way. I was procrastinating so hard writing this post because I just had so much complain about this anime and I was just overall really disappointed with it. I rarely stop watching an anime because I just didn’t like it but there’s always a first for everything.

You might like this anime and there may have been some points where I overlooked because I was busy being annoyed by Hotaru. Tell me about it and maybe it might convince me to watch the last 2 episode it it.

Side note, I’ll be going for another session of hair coloring on Wednesday and I’m not too sure what I want to get yet. Pink? Purple? They all sound good. Yuno or Rize? Hmmm.


2 thoughts on “Should you watch Aoharu x Kikanjuu?

  1. I didn’t mind this anime but there are certainly better ones out there and the premise (where she has to hid she’s a girl) has definitely been done better and seems really forced here. Thanks for sharing.


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