Anime openings Otakus know too well

Anime openings play such a huge part in getting me into the mood to watch the anime. Some anime totally nailed the opening song in setting the mood that fits the anime perfectly. All these opening songs can really get popular real quick and the whole anime community pretty much can sing them as an anthem in a flash.

So in this post I’m going to talk about some anime openings that became part of our anthem. I feel like 90% of the anime community can all recognize these songs pretty easily.

This list is in no particular order.

  1. Ouran High School Host  Club – Sakura Kiss


Ouh the days when you were too innocent to know about yaoi but still watched all these yaoi action going on between Kaoru and Hikaru. Ouran High School Host Club is a pretty old Shoujo anime that was released in 2006. This 11 episode anime is packed up with bunch of comedy, romance, subtle yaoi and all that is lovable. 

2. Hunter X Hunter 2011 – Departure

I have yet to get myself into watching Hunter X Hunter yet but somehow I know the Opening song. I don’t even know how. The opening song is really catchy and it sure does make you want to watch the anime. You know an opening song is well done when it makes you actually want to watch the entire anime just because of the song.

3. Naruto – Go


Really, who doesn’t know of Go. Surely even if you are an anime newbie, you should’ve heard of this somewhere. Even my non-otaku friend knew this song when there was a band playing it for a J-kon. Heck he even sang along. You have no idea how impressed I was.

Surely Go is the least intense ninja song you’ll ever hear, shit went down for shippuden but you know the song did’t. Did shit go down for the filler episodes as well. LOL.

4. Neon Genesis Evangelion – A cruel angle’s thesis

Evangelion sure is an old anime but somehow the song is still remembered by all otakus in our heart. I may not have watched Evangelion before but a best friend of mine is crazy over this anime. You know who you are. 😉


This is also a song i have no idea where I heard it from but somehow I know it. I just do.

5. Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica – Connect

Watching and listening to the opening of Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica can trick you into believing that this is a Anime all about love, fun and laughter if you have yet to experience the anime. While part of it is true, the other…. Not so much.

I feel that this song brings out the anime perfectly.
A fast paced song that is enjoyable yet still sound sorrowful at the same time. No spoilers for those who have yet to watch it but all I will ask to you is… Do you want to become a Magical girl?

6. Sword Art Online – Crossing Field

I feel like this anime don’t need much introduction. Everyone who is in the anime community should be pretty familiar with it. It’s a name we have all heard of too many times.

This song is by Lisa which has a shit ton of anime openings that I love. She is definitely in my top list of favorites when it comes to anime openings.

7. Shingeki no Kyojin – Guren no Yumiya

Pop quiz, what are the words you hear after “Seid ihr das Essen?
Nein, wir sind der Jäger!”? The answer is potato pizza.

Guess potato and pizza seems to be a popular food other than humans. If you do not get what i mean, you may go to 0:06 to of the song to hear it for yourself.

8. Card Captor Sakura – Catch you Catch me

This is childhood. What can i say, good things last forever. Despite this anime being so old, the opening song sure still stayed around the anime community till this date. Will I ever watch this anime. Probably no. Will I sing the song when I hear it? Of course. I will sing it so well that you’ll think this is my favorite anime.

9.Sailor Moon -Moonlight Densetsu

This is a classic. Most people are more familiar with the English version but i personally think that the Japanese version is more meaningful. The whole meaning of the song just got lost in translation. I didn’t look like they tried to translate the meaning tho. I does fit the anime but the original meaning is much more than just being sailor scouts.

10. Tokyo Ghoul – Unravel

Oshiete, Oshiete yo, sono shikumi wo
Boku no naka ni. Dare ga iru no.

I can go on all day. This song is too addictive. Some one stop me. Some may complain that Unravel is too over-rated/ mainstream what I’d tell them to do is to suck it up like how Kaneki did.

There is a reason why something is mainstream, it’s because it’s good. Don’t go hating on things just because too many people like it. That’s not cool. Really.


BONUS: Pokemon

Many of you might be familiar with the English opening up there but how many of you have actually heard of the Japanese Version? I used to have a shit ton of Pokemon/Pocket monster DVDs and they were all in Japanese. This is really a memory for me. I want those DVDs back. Damn.


That is all for this post! These are the 10 Anime openings that the Otakus know too well. Some are pretty recent but some go WAAAY back. Is there anything you think I should have included in the list but I didn’t? These 10 are just me barely scrapping the the surface of popular anime openings, a lot of them didn’t make it onto the list simply because they are only popular amongst the fans of the Anime.

Thanks for reading and I hoped you enjoyed this post. ^^


11 thoughts on “Anime openings Otakus know too well

  1. I love anime opening songs. I really like listening to the songs you posted. How did you insert the Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica video from Dailymotion in your blog? I keep some anime songs in my iPod. Those are the best kind of music I like.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I have a whole folder of Japanese songs which includes anime openings in my phone. Lol. Kinda obsessed not gonna lie. ∩(︶▽︶)∩ For the videos I basically just copy and paste the links of the vid into WordPress. Nothing special.

      Liked by 2 people

    1. Really? Thats news to me. (ʘдʘ╬) I mean it is a really catchy song but I think most of the anime fans I know hate on that anime too much (mostly because Yuki is so annoying) to even talk about the opening.

      Liked by 2 people

  2. Oh my gosh. I have the symphony orchestra versiom and the string instrumental version of Sakura Kiss. I love listening to it. I also like Departure but I love Reason more by Yuzu. I think the Dragon Ball themes should be added, especially for 90s kids because a lot of us grew up watching that anime. Whenever I hear any DB songs, I just automatically sing along and get hit by intense nostalgia. And don’t forget WE ARE! from ONE PIECE. The ultimate ONE PIECE song no matter how many opening theme songs they use. As for Unravel, I freaking love it! I don’t know how many times I’ve listened to that song recently. It’s awesome!


    1. I wanted to include one piece so bad but my friends who didn’t watch one piece have no clue about it. (´△`) so I guess it’s really only amongst the OP fans. And I don’t know how but dragon ball’s opening just slipped my mind. How did that happen. I have sinned.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Aaaaaaw. Make them watch ONE PIECE. Yes! It’s not too late. You can always add Dragon Ball theme songs. Oh my gosh. It’s now being annoying and playing in my head nonstop.


      2. Hahahha. Idk if they are ready for the life commitments yet. 😂 as much as I want them to they are probably too lazy for 700 eps of awesomeness. You can now go and put the Dragon ball song on replay. Haha

        Liked by 1 person

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