Alive again. (Mini Jotaku)

Image result for waving animeHey all! It has been 3 months since my last blog post and it’s great to be back! I pretty much took a break from wordpress after my last post -> Anime openings otakus know too well (shameless self promo). As to why i took a break, there was no reason. I just wanted to. I mean it’s not as if this blog is going anywhere.

This blog post is just gonna be me updating about me life and to hopefully get me back on writing again. (Mini Jotaku)


Before anything else, I want to thank the people who followed me during my absence. I am very surprised that there are still people reading my blog despite me not updating it. Seeing the stats really motivates me to continue this blog. 

Image result for yay anime
Sending virtual hugs to everyone.


To start things off, I want to talk about this Otome game which I think almost everyone is familiar with by now. Yes, I have hopped onto the hype train as well.

Image result for mystic messenger

It is the one and only Mystic Messenger. This is a Otome game created by a Korean company called Cheritz. I’ve seen this game popping up on my app store quite a few time before it was all popular but didn’t thank much about it since most mobile Otome games are pretty shit. However, after seeing some reviews of it I decided that maybe I should give it a shot but for some reason, I couldn’t install the game on my phone only until last week. So yes, I am very late on this hype train but all is good. My phone was able to install it after a recent update to the game.

So to all the lonely Otakus out there (Me D:), You can now have your very own 2D boyfriend. Unlike many other mobile otome game, Mystic Messenger has some quality voice acting. All those with voice fetish, Cheritz got your back. Image result for blush text anime

I am addicted to this game right now. I constantly check my phone to make sure I don’t miss it when my bae is online. It is getting pretty serious.

You can go to your app store to check out the description for the game but here are the 4 main guys that you can flirt with. They all have pretty different characteristics so I’m sure there is one that will be of your liking.

From left to right, Jumin, Yoosung, Jaehee, 707, Zen.
If you are not interested in the guys, Jaehee is also a choice of route you can take. This game is all about them LGBT alright. No discrimination.

Next up, Kpop!

I don’t think I’ve mentioned much about kpop in ImoJoan yet, but if you haven’t already know, This girl right here is all about those korean songs that she can’t understand. I’ve been a fan of kpop for a pretty long time now, my bias are mostly YG artists and a few other like Hyuna, Gain, Ailee. After being in the fandom for so many years, I can no longer keep up with the new debut and songs anymore so I mainly only focus on YG and if there are any good new songs or group, it’ll eventually get to me if it’s really that good.

I’m sure you don’t want to continue hearing my grandmother story of my fangirl years. So let’s get into the main point.

MINO – 몸(Body)

This song tickles me all in the right places. I’ve never been a fan of sexual songs as most of them are just song pop songs with really sexual lyrics to it but girl, Mino did not compose such song. Mino’s voice really matched perfectly for this song. The background instrumental is chill and sensual with a hint of hiphop beat to it.

Maybe I’m just being bias but his voice just sounds so damn sensual as well. Out of all his solo songs so far, I’d say this is the one that brought out the most in his voice. The lyrics are really beautiful despite being sexual.

Image result for drool anime

This song has been on repeat for a few days now and I don’t think I’ll be stopping anytime soon. I will repeat it till I’m sick of it.

I have been slacking off on watching Animes because I was on a Kdrama hype, but a finally started watching Shokugeki no Souma a few days ago. Season 1 was great and I have great expectation for season 2. I’m only 6 episodes in but it’s honestly getting a little tiring to watch. I love the cooking aspect of this anime but it gets pretty repetitive when they are cooking against someone.

The judges eat the food, it’s amazing, boobs, boobs, plot, plot. Then they taste the opponent’s food, oh it’s amazing too, more boobs, more plot. Every time there is a crisis that is presented, the characters always have something up their sleeves after sleeves after sleeves. LIKE HOW MANY SLEEVES THEY HAVE?

Image result for shokugeki no soma
Such plot.

I know the anime is just following the manga in the ‘plot’ aspect but it does get a little too much. Or maybe it’s just me. I will continue watching it just because I like the cooking parts but I’m probably not gonna write anything about this anime in should you watch or JOTAKU since I don’t really have a strong opinion on it.

As mentioned above, Kdrama has been occupying most of my time for the past 3 month.(Other than work and sleep of course.)

Tons of Kdrama has been getting super popular and of course I myself have to watch it to know what the hype is all about. I usually switch between watching anime and kdrama but for the past 3 month it was just Kdrama all the way.

Here’s a few of them that was really popular.

Image result for w dramaImage result for descendants of the sunImage result for doctors kdrama

Left to right: W(two world), Descendant of the sun, Doctors.

Not gonna lie, I watch kdrama mainly for because the main lead is hot af. When you have a hot male lead, I’m already 80% hooked on watching it. Other than Doctors, the other 2 has some hot guys in there. So if you’re in the mood for some hot guys that are not 2D, some drama and have some spare tears to shed for them, do give these drama a chance.

I recommend W(two world) cause it’s about falling in love with a webtoon(manga) character. Woot woot. +///+

Other than all these, my life has been pretty much revolving around my part time job, sleeping and eating.

Other minor updates on my life

  • Learning Korean
I’ve been wanting to learn Korean for the longest time ever since i got into Kpop. I would say i am quite a slow learning because I have very bad memories. I have to memorize the Korean alphabets and it’s taking a very long time. It’s going to take sometime for me to be able to read and write Korean. I am able to speak a minimal amount of Korean. Enough for me to survive in Korea but not enough for me to hold a proper conversation. Lol. I need to work harder.
  • Sketchbook
I’ve always loved to draw and paint but honestly I’m not all that good at it. So in order to get better at it, I’m making myself practice more. Drawing is really something you get better at with more practice so I’ve got myself a sketchbook with my friend so we would keep drawing in it and keep track of our progress. Maybe I’ll put up my progress on my blog if it goes well. Wish me luck.
  • Online shopping
I believe strongly in retail therapy and clothes can be really expensive so I can’t constantly be shopping for clothes whenever I want but, I do shop online overseas since there are cheaper stuff there. I just recently bought 11 items and I’m still carting countless of items in the website. I have a problem. ._. Hopefully I won’t be buying anything this month and maybe I can do a haul or something with the clothes i bought. Lol. Fashion Haul? Maybe? XD
  • Makeup
I have been spending my days off form work at home in bed with a full face of make up which I spend hours putting on. Why? Because I wanted to play with the makeup but I have no where to go. I mean, I did spend a shit ton of my pay on shopping thus I am pretty much broke now until I get my pay again next month. Oh the struggle. So this broke ass girl has got to spend her day off at home so I don’t go spending all my money. ._. Sigh. There are so many make up i want to buy too. I can never get enough of clothes, makeup, food and sleep. Out of all these only sleep is free. Sadly.

That is all. This turned into a mini JOTAKU.

If you’d excuse me, I’ll need to go binge on body’s music video again. 



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