One Lovely Blog Award

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I’ve been nominated by Matt-in-the-Hat during my tiny break from wordpress. Thanks for remembering my existence and I’m sorry this took so long. Without further ado, lets drown ourselves with these 7 facts about me.

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7 useless information about me

  • Jack of all traits, master of none

Too many hobbies, too little time. I am decent at a lot of things that people might not expect like photography, video editing, drawing, painting, graphic design, cooking, make up, dancing, gaming, blah blah, blah… I’m pretty good at lots of things because I like to try different things are after trying it out, I’ll try to get better at it myself but I always just become decently good at them and that’s all. Enough to amaze normal human beings. People who actually knows how to do all those probably think I’m shit. Lol.
  • Professional self-photographer

Current pictures in my ‘Selfie’ folder: 1912 (10/12/2012). There are many selfies that are lost through the years of me switching between devices. My career of self-photography started at a young age of 10. Ohh.. The days of 3 Mega pixel phone cameras. I be waving my Nokia phone up in front of me for a photo shoot with myself… I cringe at my low quality pictures. High quality selfies just tickles me in the right spot.
  • Dislocating knees all the time

Basically I have a condition called hypermobile knee caps. To put it in simpler form, it basically means that my knee caps is able to extent it’s range of motion painlessly(and easily). You can shake my knee caps side to side  as if it’s supposed to do that. (Pretty gross, I know) It may be due to my sudden growth spurt and my bones didn’t keep up, but there’s a gap at the outside of my knees where the bones  (thigh and shin) meet. That gap allows my knee cap to go out of it’s socket  and thus dislocating it. It hurts like a bitch when it dislocates but I’m able to pop it back in place almost immediately. Yeah, my knees dislocates pretty frequently, even when I’m not doing any straining activities. It’s a kinda cool party trick too, it freaks everyone out.
  • Black and White everything

Most of the stuff I own are monochrome. My closet consist of 90% Black, white, if not grey apparels. If I’m feeling adventurous enough I might get stuff that are in maroon, navy or maybe olive green. Monochrome things are just aesthetically more pleasing to me. Even photos looks more artistic after you throw in a black and white filter. That is if the photo is decent to start with.
  • Yaoi hands

You know how girls always have tiny hands.Not in my case, God has blessed me with a pair of Yaoi hands. My hands are HUGE. Well mostly because my fingers are creepily long but even when compared to a guy’s hand, my hands are most of the time equal or sometimes even bigger. It’s kinda scary. Maybe I should measure how long my fingers actually are.
  • Musically retarded

I’ve always been amazed by anyone who can play an instrument. I have so many people telling me that I’d be great at instruments like piano/guitar etc because of my yaoi hands but for some reason these hands here turn into concrete when in contact with any instruments. I’ve tried piano, guitar, ukulele etc but my hands has always failed me. Heck, I can’t even sing decently.
  • Taurus

May baby alert! Although I don’t really believe in astrology signs, it is pretty interesting to read and sometimes surprisingly true. Taurus are known to be SUPER stubborn, lazy, impatient, practical and loyal. Most of what astrology sites have about a Taurus us pretty true for me except for a few things.
What is your astrology sign and does think the astrology sign describes you?


Yaoi Playground

Two Happy Cats

The Otaku Don

Have fun with it 🙂


3 thoughts on “One Lovely Blog Award

    1. Hahaha. Yeah yaoi hands are perfect for piano but this pair of yaoi hands are retarded. ( ´ ー `) people who can play instruments are so cool! I wished I was part of the cool kid club.


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