Break Down

I’m planning to have some segments and if you don’t get what they mean I’ll break them down here so you know what you’re getting yourself into.

Weekly blogs

This is where I basically blog about my normal human life out of the internet. Nothing too special being a human. Although I am aware that it is named ‘Weekly blogs’, It is probably updated only once in a blue moon?

Should you watch

As obvious as it looks, it’s pretty much just reviews of shows. I’d say mostly animes but who knows what the future holds? Now, go forth and read some “Should you watch.”


JOTAKU is where I unleash all my inner demons on something I am kinda cray cray about. Songs, Anime, Kpop, Game… Anything really but mostly Anime related and maybe even more.

Diving deep into the minds of OTAKU:

This is where you can understand a little more about what goes through the mind of a weeaboo. We are not that complicated but the stuff we like might be a little off the top. So, I’ll do you the favor of dissecting the brain of ours and lay it out so you can hopefully, have that 1% of understanding about us.

This is all for now, will be adding in more if I do make more segments. ( ^v^)y Thanks for reading.


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