Should you watch Aoharu x Kikanjuu?

Genre: Action, Drama, Gender bend, Comedy

Tachibana Hotaru is a High School girl who is often mistaken as a boy due to her appearance and dressing. With a strong sense of justice, Hotaru seeks to punish evil doers. The story follows Hotaru on her journey in a survival game team called Toy gun gun where no female members are allowed.

IMO: This anime has beautiful art style, pretty interesting story line and all the good shenanigans you want in an anime. My one and only complain which made me quit watching this at episode 10 is how annoying the main character can be. Maybe it’s just me but so far, I have yet to find someone that had the same problem with this anime. The reviews I’ve seen so far about this anime has been pretty good.

– Warning, heavy complaining ahead.-
I have a shit ton of things to complain about Hotaru, but I’ll just point out some major ones just so I don’t bore everyone out.

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Should you watch Himouto! Umaru-chan?

Genre: Moe, School life, Slice of life, Comedy

Umaru Domo is a closet otaku. She would gladly be a NEET if she could but living with her brother, she is constantly getting nagged at for lazing around. A gorgeous high school girl that has no problems with her studies, excels in sports and is talented in many other ways as well. She is a total bum at home who does nothing other than gaming, watching anime, reading manga, snacking and napping.

IMO: Yes, she is in fact very adorable. This is probably one of the cutest anime out there. Umaru is definitely not fap material… Unless you are into moe, not that there is anything wrong with it. I just think that she is just too cute to fap to.

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Should you watch Mirai Nikki?

Genre: Gore, Romance, Tragedy, Action,Thriller

In Mirai Nikki( Future Diary), diary holders are supposed to kill each other to earn the “God of time and space” throne. The God of time is what Yuki created in his mind, or so he thought. The contestants are diary holders who have diary each with a different way of predicting the future. Using the diary, all 12 of them set out to kill every last man standing.

IMO: Gasai Yuno. The queen of all yandere out there. How can anyone not love her? She is basically the star of this anime. She kills anyone and everyone that may be a threat to Yuki, she is Yuki’s guardian angel… (And my waifu.)

This anime score pretty high on the gore factor so if you are not all about the blood and the killing, i would suggest you take you time on this anime. Watch something a little more mild first. I would consider Mirai Nikki as one of the must watch so definitely do not skip on this one. There is not a single moment that you are not excited of what is going to happen in this anime, the constant thrill and suspense is kinda tiring honestly but it’s all worth it. Mirai Nikki is also one of my most re-watched anime of all time, I’ve probably watched it 5 of more times now from the first to last episode and I still love.

Great soundtracks, animation, voice acting, colours and just everything. You will not get enough of it, it will easily make it’s way up your favorite list. Trust me.


: Go watch it or die. Let the ultimate yandere love you. Although there is an over-hype for Yuno, the story is great itself (Yuno, aside). The whole roller coaster of feels and characters development is 10/10. Now, go forth and Yuki, aishiteiru.

Mirai Nikki Episode 1

Should you watch Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso?

Genre: Romance, Music, School, Drama

Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso or better known as Your lie in April is an 22 episode anime that focuses heavily on music. This anime takes you off on a ride on the emotion roller-coaster taking you everywhere possible. The story revolves around Arima Kouse, a piano prodigy who dominated competitions. After a series of events he is unable to hear the sound of a piano even though his hearing is completely fine. A beautiful and free-spirited Violinist Miyazono Kaori guide Kouse back into the music world, painting colours into his life.

IMO: Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso was such a great anime, although it may seem a little slow paced at the start, the story line builds up really with great character development. You are given enough time to fall in love with the characters and then your poor little heart gets all tossed around. This anime also features classical musics, you might just fall in love with classical music after watching this. Tears were shed and I have no regrets. A must watch for romance lovers.

Overall, a stunning anime with great visual and soundtracks that will definitely get you hooked.

So, SHOULD YOU WATCH Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso?

: Not before you get yourself a roll of toilet paper. Trust me you’re gonna need it.  Not only your eyes but your ears will thank you after watching it. Now, go forth and be the yuujin A*.

Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso Episode 1

*yuujin A: Friend A

Should you watch Yondemasu yo, azazel-san?

Genre: Comedy, Mature, Fantasy, Demon

Yondemasu yo, azazel-san (You’re being summoned, Azazel-san) is a 2 season series with 13 episodes each, packed full of comedy targeting mature audience. The story follows closely to the main character Azazel, a demon of lust from the underworld. Azazel was summoned by Akutabe, a private detective from the human world and is used harshly to solve the client’s troubles.

IMO: Yondemasu yo, Azazel-san is a unique anime filled with tons of crude jokes, definitely not for the young mind, however if you do enjoy crude jokes then this anime is definitely worth the watch. Although it is jammed packed with jokes and comedy, this anime also tackle other part of your feels as well, fall in love with the adorable demons and feel it tickle you in the no-no zone.

Overall a really well put together anime that is fun and wacky, definitely an anime like no other. Give episode 1 a watch and I’m sure you’ll be left wanting more.

So, should you watch Yondemasu yo, Azazel-san?

: Only if you like crude joke. This anime is pretty much filled with bull shit and if you do not like that, I’d say skip it. There are tons of other anime that will fulfill your anti-bullshitness. Now, go forth and summon a demon for yourself.

No, please don’t actually do that.

Yondemasu yo, Azazel-san episode 1.