Alive again. (Mini Jotaku)

Image result for waving animeHey all! It has been 3 months since my last blog post and it’s great to be back! I pretty much took a break from wordpress after my last post -> Anime openings otakus know too well (shameless self promo). As to why i took a break, there was no reason. I just wanted to. I mean it’s not as if this blog is going anywhere.

This blog post is just gonna be me updating about me life and to hopefully get me back on writing again. (Mini Jotaku)


Before anything else, I want to thank the people who followed me during my absence. I am very surprised that there are still people reading my blog despite me not updating it. Seeing the stats really motivates me to continue this blog. 

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Sending virtual hugs to everyone.


To start things off, I want to talk about this Otome game which I think almost everyone is familiar with by now. Yes, I have hopped onto the hype train as well.

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It is the one and only Mystic Messenger. This is a Otome game created by a Korean company called Cheritz. I’ve seen this game popping up on my app store quite a few time before it was all popular but didn’t thank much about it since most mobile Otome games are pretty shit. However, after seeing some reviews of it I decided that maybe I should give it a shot but for some reason, I couldn’t install the game on my phone only until last week. So yes, I am very late on this hype train but all is good. My phone was able to install it after a recent update to the game. Continue reading


Anime openings Otakus know too well

Anime openings play such a huge part in getting me into the mood to watch the anime. Some anime totally nailed the opening song in setting the mood that fits the anime perfectly. All these opening songs can really get popular real quick and the whole anime community pretty much can sing them as an anthem in a flash.

So in this post I’m going to talk about some anime openings that became part of our anthem. I feel like 90% of the anime community can all recognize these songs pretty easily.

This list is in no particular order.

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So here’s a little update about myself. I’ve got my hair bleached blonde a few days ago and OH MY GOD. I feel as if I walked right out from an anime. I feel magical.

Asians like me have black hair and it’s not like I hate it, it’s just that 19 years of black hair can be pretty boring. I NEED SOME EXCITEMENT IN MY LIFE. Sure I did dye my hair a few times in the past but it was nothing drastic. Just browns and maybe red.


It’s been 3 days I believe and I think I’m slowly getting used to it. It’s still kinda fun looking into the mirror in the morning and be like who dafaq is this then go on admiring my hair for the next 20 minutes or so.

I’m already rambling, so imma cut that out and just go straight to what this post is.


Anime girls are always known for their big (boobs) eyes and that oh-so-luscious hair. So today I want to honor all those blondies out there that have their hair so fabulous that you wonder what shampoo they use. Like seriously, my hair feels like grass, it does not move like how it does for them. I am salty.


The list is in no particular order. Continue reading

Top Husbando list

We all have our own Waifu that we love and I’ve always wondered if there was a term that is actually used to refer to our male-love-of-our-life. Husbandsu? Husbandu? Turns out there is actually a term for them! Its husbando. Most of the otakus out there give so much credits and glory to their waifu and we hardly even heard of the husbando. Heck i didn’t even know that there was a term for them until recently. So today, I will give all my husbando the glory and love they deserve.

Please note that the list is in no particular order. (I do not want my husbandos to fight for the first place.)

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Deep into the minds of OTAKU: YAOI

Japan produce some ‘weird’ shit. Some shit that a certain group of people might enjoy deeply but the rest? Not so much. Our beloved Otaku family has tons of unique ‘weird’ things that we absolutely love, and in this post, lets talk about Yaoi.

To those who are new to this topic, Yaoi pronounced as Ya-o-yi is basically the gay relationship between males. It is like the upgraded version of Shounen-Ai since Yaoi often involve some*ahem* juicy scenes. It is not everyone’s cup of tea, especially with guys. However there are still quite a amount of fans in the Yaoi community who are guys. Female fans like us are called Fujoshi and male fans are call Fudanshi. Continue reading

Let them tears flow

Alright, I always love to let myself have a good crying session to some great content. Be it songs, movies, animes etc if they touch me in the no no zone then I am sure to shed a tear or more. If you do enjoy having these eye liquid dropping sessions then hop on this feel train with me as I take you along with the Vocaloid songs that made me a baby over again.

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JOTAKU: If Rize was real.

I gave up on watching Tokyo Ghoul after the first episode of Season 2 because it was  kinda different from the manga. Anyone feel me? I can’t be the only one here. I was just a little disappointed, that’s all.


For all of you hard core Tokyo Ghoul fans, most of you may have heard and maybe checked out the video of Tokyo Ghoul ending Song but, there are people on this planet like me who do not see through the ending song of an anime and just go right to the next episode button. Hands up if you’re guilty.

Anyways, I chanced upon “Seasons die one after another” 「季節は次々死んでいく」by amazarashi when I was on a spree on Youtube and this song my friend, got my raping the replay button. I replayed it not just for the song but also for the video. This video got my inner Ghoul demons stirring.

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