Should you watch Himouto! Umaru-chan?

Genre: Moe, School life, Slice of life, Comedy

Umaru Domo is a closet otaku. She would gladly be a NEET if she could but living with her brother, she is constantly getting nagged at for lazing around. A gorgeous high school girl that has no problems with her studies, excels in sports and is talented in many other ways as well. She is a total bum at home who does nothing other than gaming, watching anime, reading manga, snacking and napping.

IMO: Yes, she is in fact very adorable. This is probably one of the cutest anime out there. Umaru is definitely not fap material… Unless you are into moe, not that there is anything wrong with it. I just think that she is just too cute to fap to.

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Anime Virginity

Anime has been a part of my life ever since I could even remember. Of course I did not seek out to watch anime consciously everyday when I was a kid, I was a normal human child that watched the cartoons and hi-5 that would show at 5pm everyday on the local kid’s channel. My Mom is a huge fan Crayon shin-chan and although some would argue that it’s not child friendly, I was exposed to it at a very young age.

 Crayon shin-chan is pretty much full of nonsense. I till this age still do enjoy watching it. At that point of my life, I didn’t know the existence of anime and thought that Doremon and Crayon Shin-chan are just mere cartoons.

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Anime annoyances

Nerd Rambles

As much as I adore anime, there are quite are few things about it that irritate me. I decided to write about a few of them. Bear in mind, these are my opinions.

mirai-nikki-episode-3-bad-ending When your anime ends on a cliffhanger

  • Read the manga endings

It is always so disappointing when you have watched a series for so long, only to be given a terrible ending. However, there is something worse. Read the manga endings. At least with bad endings, you have an ending.

With read the manga endings (if you can even call them that) is probably the biggest  spit in the face. Mostly because it is hard or even downright impossible to get certain manga.Even if you can, chances are it’s really pricey.


  • Unnecessary fan-service episodes 

Who doesn’t love fan-service? Thing is, it sucks when the dark gritty plot grinds to a halt so the characters can go to the…

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Top Husbando list

We all have our own Waifu that we love and I’ve always wondered if there was a term that is actually used to refer to our male-love-of-our-life. Husbandsu? Husbandu? Turns out there is actually a term for them! Its husbando. Most of the otakus out there give so much credits and glory to their waifu and we hardly even heard of the husbando. Heck i didn’t even know that there was a term for them until recently. So today, I will give all my husbando the glory and love they deserve.

Please note that the list is in no particular order. (I do not want my husbandos to fight for the first place.)

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Getting real hot and wet

As sexual as the title sounds, no this post has nothing sexual. XD However, I do not guarantee that jokes will be kept PG here.


This will be my first ever travel blog post! HOORAY! I was in Thailand for a short 5 days trip along with my friends and their family. Although my stay in Thailand was short it was an amazing experience, the food, the people, the culture… Just EVERYTHING. Arghh. I miss it already.


Just so your’re wondering why that blog title? That’s because I went to Thailand during their Song Kran festival! During this day, people in Thailand celebrate their new year by splashing water at anyone and everyone for good luck. The Song Kran Festival, or better known as the water festival should be in your bucket list. It was so much fun, look out for the location where there will be water festival parade and just join in! No admission fee required. All you have to spend on would probably be a mega ass water gun for extra fun.

I know, how bad ass is that gigantic Rilakkuma gun eh.

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Deep into the minds of OTAKU: YAOI

Japan produce some ‘weird’ shit. Some shit that a certain group of people might enjoy deeply but the rest? Not so much. Our beloved Otaku family has tons of unique ‘weird’ things that we absolutely love, and in this post, lets talk about Yaoi.

To those who are new to this topic, Yaoi pronounced as Ya-o-yi is basically the gay relationship between males. It is like the upgraded version of Shounen-Ai since Yaoi often involve some*ahem* juicy scenes. It is not everyone’s cup of tea, especially with guys. However there are still quite a amount of fans in the Yaoi community who are guys. Female fans like us are called Fujoshi and male fans are call Fudanshi. Continue reading

Let them tears flow

Alright, I always love to let myself have a good crying session to some great content. Be it songs, movies, animes etc if they touch me in the no no zone then I am sure to shed a tear or more. If you do enjoy having these eye liquid dropping sessions then hop on this feel train with me as I take you along with the Vocaloid songs that made me a baby over again.

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